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Notice has been given that the WPSC, Wisconsin Public Service Commission, will hold a prehearing conference on Monday, May 15, at 10 a.m. in the Amnicon Falls Hearing Room at the Public Service Commission Building, 610 North Whitney Way, Madison, and continuing at times to be set by the presiding administrative law judge.

Update from Duluth: Minnesota Power seeks permission from the State of Minnesota to bypass Environmental Impact Assessment
Also background information on the MEQB process

NEW: Documents recently filed by Pimicikamak Cree Nation with the MN Public Utilties Commission
uncovering information concerning the energy-supply reliability of Manitoba Hydro's proposed bid, as well as concerns about the adequacy of the bid selection process

11 More US Tribes Declare Support for PCN, Opposition to a 260-mile powerline planned for northern Wisconsin

Click here for Contact InformationPhotos now available A sample resolution (more to come)

MN EQB Meeting rescheduled

DuluthNews.Com - Another Great Archive with a Map

Examples of citizens' letters demanding hearings on Manitoba Hydro
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In the 1980s, a handful of rural activists DEFEATED a proposed transmission line from Quebec that would have devastated western Maine's remote mountain communities.

Because there were alternatives.

IN THE 1990s, a larger handful of activists in New York joined forces with activists throughout the US and DEFEATED a 1000 MW, 20-year contract that would have destroyed the Great Whale River, one of eastern North America's remaining wild rivers, in the name of "cheap" megahydro.

Because there were alternatives.

TODAY, Minnesota, your largest utility has made public its intent to AGAIN MAKE YOU COMPLICIT in northern destruction with its announcement that Manitoba Hydro is a finalist in NSP's energy supplier contest.

Read NSP's press release for yourselves at or


THEN UNPLUG MINNESOTA FROM MANITOBA HYDRO -- out of love for the rivers and animals of the north and the preservation of the wild -- out of concern for the Cree Indians and their families who live like refugees in an environmental slum -- out of the deep knowledge that surpasseth all understanding that you, as a Minnesotan with a moral conscience, no longer choose to be NSP's electric collaborator in the daily devastation visited upon people and the environment.


PLUG INTO what Minnesota values and stands for: energy renewables that do no harm. And respect for the rights of human beings.


On 6 April 2000, Northern States Power ended its "eight-month effort" to find new energy suppliers. It selected Manitoba Hydro to supply 500 MW starting in 2005.

An independent auditor selected earlier by NSP now will file a report with the MN PUC. The auditor's report filing could occur up to 3 weeks from now.

The 30-day public comment period (NOT a hearing) begins when the auditor's report is received.

Finally, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission must approve the selection of Manitoba Hydro.


Contact the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission at 651-296-7124.

Staffer Bret Eknes can be reached at 651-296-8667 or

"Only beavers should be allowed to build dams on our territory."
(Cree saying)

Ann Stewart
(Information Officer, Pimicikamak Cree Nation)
121 West Grant Street/Suite 116
Minneapolis MN 55403-2340 USA
p: 612.871.8404
f: 612.871.7922

This material is distributed by Ann Stewart (USDOJ FARA #5313) on behalf of Pimicikamak Cree Nation. Additional information is available at the Department of Justice, Washington DC.