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Cross Lake natives changed attitudes
Letters, Winnipeg Free Press, 31 March 2000, pA13

A few years ago, I was invited to Cross Lake to meet with and give my advice to the people on how to proceed. I advised them to go to Minnesota.

I got them a meeting with American Indain Movement national leader Clyde Bellecourte. I told the people of Cross Lake that they were wasting their time trying to raise the issue in their time trying to rasie the issue in Canada. I told them that all the white people in Manitoba care about is that they get cheap electricity regardless of the cost to first nations people.

The Sierra environmental group has a Web site up and running displaying the sins of Manitobans for all the world to see. If Hydro doesn't listen, Manitobans will pay the costs.

The credit for the change in attitude and opportunity in northern first nations' hydro projects belongs to the people of Cross Lake. Manitoba Hydro would have kept on destroying the environment and the people would have continue to suffer if it weren't for Cross Lake First Nation.

Terrance Nelson
Okiijida Society-Roseau River
Anishinabe First Nation