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Please mark your calendars to attend the 30 March EQB board meeting at which time it is expected that the board will make a decision regarding how to proceed with Minnesota Power's request for an exemption from the state's Power Plant Siting Act in order to receive a construction permit for the 12 miles of transmission and substation upgrade between Duluth and the St. Louis River (the MN part of the proposed 260-mile 345 kV line that northern Wisconsin residents oppose). Regards, Ann

Here is the official notice and further inquiries should be directed to Mr. Cupit:

Notice of Meeting Postponement

RE: Arrowhead Project
MEQB Docket No. MP-HVTL-EA-1-99
OAH Docket No. 9-2901-12620-2

TO: Parties of Record

FROM: Bob Cupit, 651-296-2096

As you are aware, the EQB was scheduled to again take up the ALJ's certified motion at the March 16, 2000 regular EQB meeting.

A recent request from the Governor's office for attendance by most EQB member Commissioners at a function on March 16 has made it necessary to reschedule the regular EQB meeting. It has been rescheduled on the morning of March 30, 2000. We will send out a followup notice regarding deadlines for submittal of written materials for the EQB meeting. The filing date will not be before March 23.