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Only ten days after its filing by Minnesota's State Senators Ellen Anderson, Jane Krentz and John Marty, Senate File 2453 is already picking up steam.

1. Senator Krentz reports she's hearing from people about the bill...
2. Pheasants Forever emailed information on the bill to its list...
3. On 9 February, 21 faith-based activists applauded upon learning that the bill was filed...
4. A Minneapolis ratepayer wrote the Senators, "Thank you for your support for the crucial issue of hydropower and the social and environmental responsibilities addressed by Senate File No. 2453"...
5. Senator Marty informed a constituent: "I am pleased to co-author this legislation...".

The Hydro Review Bill Deserves YOUR Support

The bill requires that out-of-state hydroelectric facilities meet the same environmental reporting standards required of in-state facilities. It enables Minnesotans to make informed choices about the electricity they purchase for use in Minnesota.

What To Do

1. Continue to thank the Senators for introducing this bill and express your support.

2. Ask Senator Anderson (lead sponsor) to request a hearing during THIS YEAR'S legislative session which ends in April.

3. Contact your own State Senator (and Representative) and ask them to support the bill.

4. Ask your conservation organization, tribal government and faith community to endorse and support this crucial environmental legislation.

5. Tell your friends in Minnesota...and please distribute this email.

Senator Ellen Anderson (DFL/St. Paul): 651-296-5537;

Senator Jane Krentz (DFL/May Township): 651-296-7061;

Senator John Marty (DFL/Roseville): 651-296-5645;

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Ann Stewart
(Information Officer, Pimicikamak Cree Nation)
121 West Grant Street/Suite 116
Minneapolis MN 55403-2340 USA
p: 612.871.8404
f: 612.871.7922

This material is distributed by Ann Stewart (USDOJ FARA #5313) on behalf of Pimicikamak Cree Nation. Additional information is available at the Department of Justice, Washington DC.