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Statement of Support by
Honor Our Neighbors' Origins and rights (HONOR)
the Pimicikamak Cree Nation of Cross Lake
and the use of the Nelson River System by Manitoba Hydro

Whereas Honor Our Neighbors' Origins and Rights (HONOR) is a human rights coalition, made up of Indians and non-Indians alike, that focuses on American Indian issues, and

Whereas HONOR was formed in response to anti-Indian activity as a coalition that would stand together to affirm Native American treaties, rights, and sovereignty, and

Whereas HONOR is dedicated to five principles Honor government-to-government relationships and tribal sovereignty. Affirm Indian treaties. Honor and protect the earth and the life thereon now and for the future. Conduct ourselves in a manner which is respectful to all peoples. Promote intercultural understanding and awareness; and

Whereas HONOR is committed to serving the native community and avoiding the mistakes of the past, where non-Indians have often "worked on behalf of" and "spoken for" Indian peoples, and works under the advisement of a Native American Advisory Committee, and

Whereas HONOR seeks to speak out on issues affecting American Indian and Indigenous peoples as well as disseminate information on issues critical to indigenous communities, and

Recognizing that self-determination is an accepted principle of international law which applies to all peoples, and

Whereas the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights [December 16, 1999] states that all peoples have a right to self-determination and must be able to freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources, and

Whereas the United Nations Human Rights Committee has recognized the situation of Aboriginal peoples as Canada?s most pressing human rights issue [Report of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, April, 1999], and

Recognizing that the Honour of the Crown of Canada is at stake in any and all of Canada's dealings with Aboriginal peoples, and that Canada?s good name and reputation as a fair and just society is severely threatened as long as the obligations freely entered into through agreements like the Northern Flood Agreement are left unmet, and

Whereas the Northern Flood Agreement, signed by federal, provincial, and Cross Lake authorities, recognized the need for continuing arbitration, and Reaffirming that the Pimicikamak Cree Nation of Cross Lake has an authority, an inherent jurisdiction, which preceded Canadian confederacy and which has never been surrendered,

HONOR hereby professes its support of the Pimicikamak Cree Nation of Cross Lake as they seek a just resolution to the environmental, political, and economic issues brought about by Manitoba Hydro?s use of the Nelson River System for the production of electricity. We support and applaud Cross Lake as they exercise their sovereignty and their basic right to self-determination by seeking a solution which will contribute to the social, political, cultural, and economic well-being of their community.

Adopted by HONOR, Executive Board, July 8th, 1999.