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Dear Cree sympathizers,

I received a phone response to my inquiry to Governor Ventura's aide about the December 23 letter which asked the Governor to influence the PUC regarding Manitoba Hydro.

I spoke with Julie Munger.  She is the Governor's aide who will research whether the Governor will take a position on this issue.  She is also the granddaughter of the late Representative for Duluth, Willard Munger.  I explained about hearing the Cree speakers, my conversastions with the two Commissioners, and that I did not want the especially cheap power from Manitoba Hydro because it was stained with Indian blood.  I told her I am working with Senator Ellen Anderson to introduce a hydro review bill this week in the Legislature.  She said she would do the following:

1-  Contact the PUC to get their version of my contact with the two Commissioners.  She will find out the PUC position about approval of buying Manitoba Hydro.

2-  Find my letter, then ask the Governor's Government Relations Liaison to review it and the petition containing 76 signatures.  She stated that the Governor may not have a position on this issue, and he might not form one.

3-  Provide some kind of response after these steps are completed.

It was a pleasure to talk to her.  I will pass on more information when I receive it.

Politically yours,

Diane Peterson