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Saint Cloud State University
A Tradition of Racism and Hate Crime

RIOT POLICE dispatched against non-violent student protesters

NEW: - A response to statements made by SCPD Sgt. Brian Marquart and SCSU Vice President Gene Gilchrist

Shortly after midnight on May 4, 2000, Interim President Suzanne Williams ordered riot police to storm the Administration Building and arrest thirteen people who were inside. There were no negotiations. The president never contacted the protesters to talk. The president issued this order against the wishes of the Mayor of saint Cloud.

Saint Cloud Times Article - May 5, 2000

Saint Cloud Times Artice - May 4, 2000 - [NOTE: This article was written before the police raid.]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (5/01/00) - Proving once again that if you rock the boat at SCSU you'll find yourself drowning in a sea of white supremacy, the university has terminated the contract of Dr. Nancy Harles. Dr. Harles is a professor and director of the American Indian Center at Saint Cloud State University, who has worked dilligently on behalf of American Indian students in a hostile work environment for years. If there is any doubt in the reader's mind that racism was behind this decision, one need only examine the track record of the Vice President directly responsible for this travesty:

March, 2000 - Conspired with white students and administrators to shut down an independent cultural assessment of the university just weeks before it was to have begun.

1998 - Attempted to talk American Indian student activist into dropping out of school and leaving Saint Cloud.

1996 - Attempted to deport African student in order to cover up the fact that University Public Safety had apprehended and charged an innocent man.

There may have been other instances of racism on the part of this individual. Those that are listed, in addition to the current issue revolving around Dr. Harles, are merely those that have had the highest profile.

Rob Callahan spoke with Vernon Bellecourt personally about this issue, and he was assured that any effort to get Dr. Harles' job back will have the full support of the American Indian Movement.

For media contact, please e-mail Rob Callahan (, acting coordinator for AIM-SCSU.
Rob can also be reached by voice mail at (320)203-1075.

The following letter was sent to Interim President Suzanne Williams ( by the Faculty and Staff of Color Caucus on April 27, 2000:

The Faculty and Staff of Color Caucus protest the unjust firing of our colleague, Dr. Nancy Harles. Dr. Harles is a respected member of this campus and community and has consistently shown her dedication for the well being of students and the campus community. The firing of Dr. Harles directly contradicts the university's public claim to recruit and retain faculty and staff of color.

We understand that Dr. Harles has been given a non-renewal notice due in part to a lack of contact with students. This is indeed ironic considering that Dr. Harles just received a nomination for Faculty Member of the Year from the Student Body.

Furthermore, Dr. Harles' non-renewal is based on two annual evaluations in her five year tenure. One of the evaluations was from past-president Grube's evaluation which indicated positive work performance as Interim Director of the American Indian Center. The second "annual" evaluation was based solely on a four month period from the American Indian Center Director, Don Day, who is currently on leave.

Of major concern are the Contract Violations that have occured on the part of the administration. According to the MSUAASF contract 1999-2001 Article 10, Section A, Sub. 3(f), "Evaluation. Probationary ASF Members shall be provided annual, written performance evaluation based on job performance as established by each campus. Job performance deficiencies noted in this evaluation are to be addressed in a plan for performance improvement developed by the ASF Member and supervisor."

Similarly according to Article 21, Section (f). "Performance Evaluations: Prior to implementing procedures for ASF Members' performance evaluation, the President and/or his/her designee shall meet and confer with the Campus Association. The instruments and procedures shall be uniform throughout the campus. Each ASF Members shall be evaluated regularly in accordance with these procedures. Job performance deficiencies noted in this evaluation are to be addressed in a plan for performance improvement developed by the ASF Members and supervisor."

Dr. Harles has only received two evaluations instead of five, and no verbal or written plan for performance improvement developed by her supervisor. This directly violates the MSUAASF contract.

We demand the immediate rectification of contract violations by withdrawing the non-renewal notice and developing a plan that would improve her working conditions. This plan should involve the input of Dr. Harles and her representatives.